Massage + Healthy Latin Dishes = Healthier You

A good therapeutic massage and healthy food can work wonders, according to many nutritionists. They both help us stay fit, they keep our bodies full of energy and they protect us against different illnesses or similar issues. Latin dishes are very popular for always having fruits and vegetables as ingredients. It even came to the point that there is such thing as Latin diet. Because of that, there are many other reasons why we recommend to people to regularly have a massage and eat some of those healthy and yummy Latin dishes.

Here are 3 additional reasons:
1. A massage and healthy food are great for sleeping better
Massage is known for helping us relax by increasing serotonin and dopamine levels in our bodies, which are great sleep incentives. There is a couple of massage pressure points back that, when stimulated, they allow our bodies to fully relax and go in vegetable mode.

Now that we explained how a massage is great for a night of quality sleep how exactly does eating Latin dishes improve our nights’ sleep? Well, some studies claim that good and healthy food based on a lot of vegetables and spices (like the Latin dishes) is as beneficial to the organism as taking melatonin, a famous sleep-encouraging hormone.

2. Massage and healthy Latin food can improve our self-esteem
As silly as this may sound when you first hear it, massages combined with healthy Latin dishes will make us feel better with ourselves. And why shouldn’t we? They both promote a great lifestyle!

It’s pretty easy to understand that a good, balanced diet will prevent us from getting fat or lose too much weight, but how does a massage get to do with anything? Well, by allowing us to relax and look at the brighter side of life! Our muscles are not tensed anymore after a massage session, we are more at peace with our inner selves and everything falls into place a lot easier!

3. They both make us happier on the long-run
If we take care of our bodies and our minds, the odds of living a long and happy life increase. We already mentioned how beneficial is massage for our overall disposition and similar principles apply to healthy food, like Latin dishes. The hormones our bodies secrete supposing our die is a solid contribution to our overall feel-good mood and keeps us fresh and positive all the time!

Plus, once we settle with this routine, we’ll find it increasingly easy to do the things that make us love life, right?


Healthy Latin Dishes For Table Tennis Players

A good nutrition is imperative for any athletes performance. In addition, healthy food must come with well-assisted workout training. In the case of a table tennis player, the use of a good guide of nutrition will improve his or her performance during the match. Since table tennis player is capable of having several matches in one day, it is necessary to keep them up with a great and healthy food discipline that needs to be followed with details. For table tennis athletes, there are certain aspects they need to take into consideration in order to have a healthy shape for every single match.

1. Food variety. Combining different ingredients such as vegetable, grains, fruits, meat and milk products (according to the athlete necessity taking account if the table tennis players suffer from intolerance to certain foods) will provide all the nutrients necessary to optimize the player’s performance.

2. Carbohydrates. As significant sources of energy, players should know how much carbohydrates they can take in a single meal in order to avoid saturation in the body that could affect his or her performance in the match.

3. Fluids. In order to avoid collapsing during a match and put in risk the life of the player, it is necessary to keep him or her with water or natural beverages since players tend to lose fluids during matches. In this order, table tennis players must follow a food guide that will prevent possible collapses and increase their performance but following a dietary could be boring since dishes are limited. The importance of getting healthy ingredients is mandatory as getting high-quality equipment to ensure a good training and performance. However, during the midway through the price range of the best table tennis equipment, healthy food can help the players perform better practicing table tennis at home and with the following healthy Latin dishes players would have more options for their diet program.

Avocado and grilled chicken salad. Despite looking at a simple salad this healthy Latin dish offers the nutrient and proteins necessaries to fulfill table tennis player necessities in order to get the victory. The salad comes with a Chipotle-Lime Ranch dressing that will add the flavor to the dish. Made of low-fat plain yogurt, fresh lime juice, a small touch of light mayonnaise, garlic, some chipotle chile peppers, paprika and onions, the dressing will give all the elements of flavor to the grilled and chopped chicken. For more substance, it is recommendable to add fresh grape tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and fresh corn and crumble cotta cheese.

Spaghetti squash. This healthy Latin recipe would take all the benefits of fresh vegetables, increasing the table tennis player performance during the match while it offers a good option that can help to keep on the diet program. The ingredients are only vegetables (in the case the player needs to avoid meat for certain time) like purple cabbage, black beans, bell pepper, chopped green onions, cilantro, 2 tablespoons of lime juice and olive oil.

Quinoa chicken chili. With this soup, the proteins and vitamins that are easily lost during a match will be restored quickly with only using carrots, celery, butternut squash, chopped chicken, chicken breasts, white beans, cilantro, avocado, red chili and a small touch of salt and olive oil.


Why Restaurants Should Use Water Softeners

Dealing with hard water means you will have to experience some problems while working in a restaurant. At this point, you will really need to purchase a water softener so that it can transform the hard water into a softer by turning the insoluble minerals in hard water into soluble minerals. When offering restaurant services, your customers will also need you to serve them using clean materials and maintain the general tidiness of the surrounding. A water softener is a great deal since it will save your restaurants through the following ways.

1. Extend the lifespan of your appliances
It’s not easy to operate a restaurant without any appliances. You will need appliances to help you when it comes to cooling, heating or even cleaning of your utensils. If you have to work with hard water then you need to be aware that most of your appliances will corrode and soon get worn out more than you expected. So it’s very important to use soft water when dealing with your appliances. At this point, a water softener is your best choice and your appliance will live longer than you anticipated.

2. Better Drink Serving
A restaurant is a place where most people live their homes just to go and enjoy eating the most delicious meals. There are several drinks that are offered in this place varying from tea, coffee among others. There are cases where you feel some different taste from this drinks which may make you lose most of your customers. This is because you are using hard water which has minerals that can often change the taste. Just secure a water softener in your restaurant and all your hard water will turn soft helping your drinks maintain their original tastes

3. Food Preparation
Do you really want to serve your customers with meals that are out of their original taste? I believe you would not wish for that Most of the vegetable and fruits you prepare in your restaurants need to be washed in order to maintain a high level of hygiene. When using hard water to wash them, you may lose their taste or make them dry out So it’s necessary to have a water softener to turn your hard water soft so that you can retain the original flavors of your vegetables and fruits. What matters the most is for the city supply of water to add value to people.

4. Clean and Sparking Dishes
There are different glass utensils that are used in the restaurant and they need to be maintained so that no spots can be observed in them. Using hard water to wash your glass utensils can lead to building up of calcium particles on the surface of your utensil which most of your customers may not take it lightly and it may make you lose most of them. If you don’t want any of this to happen to you, then you can buy a water softener to turn your hard water soft.

5. Reduce the number of detergents you use when washing your utensils
You may be using a lot of soap when cleaning your utensils may be as a result of the hard water in your tank. Mineral presence in hard water makes it difficult for the formation of foam so you will need to apply a lot of detergents to ensure your utensils are clean. Buying a water softener will help you use little detergents hence save on your money.

With all these information on the usefulness of water softener in a restaurant set up, you just need to buy one to ensure your restaurant keep running smoothly without any problems.


Best Dishes To Eat After Playing Pingpong

A significant number of us After Playing Pingpong as it helps fuel our body with vitality and stamina. Yet, did you realize that eating after working out is significantly more essential? With regards to working out, the most pivotal supper is the one you have after you work out. After you work out, your muscles are actually starving for supplements, so the feast that you eat as of now is the most essential as it enables work to muscle and recharge your vitality. As opposed to prevalent thinking, it is fitting to drink and eat inside thirty minutes after working out with BPPT equipment or, in other words, outline when the body can use these supplements. With this, let me offer to you the best nourishment to eat after working out.

You may not generally feel hungry instantly After Playing Pingpong, but rather regardless of what sort of activity you do, whether it’s cardio or quality preparing, your body needs to refuel; it needs calories and supplements to restore muscle glycogen and start the muscle repair process. It is smarter to rely upon entire sustenances rather than enhancements since they are processed all the more effortlessly by the body and contain basic supplements that you require. You ought to pick a tidbit that is adjusted in protein, sugars, and fat. Read the rundown underneath for a few thoughts on the best sustenances to eat after an exercise:

1) Chocolate Milk

Low-fat chocolate drain contains the majority of the supplements you have to recoup. After drinking a few, your body will feel great as new.

2) Juice and an Egg
Go for 100% juice without tons of included sugar. Squeezed orange is a decent decision since it is wealthy in vitamin C. An egg gives the ideal measure of protein that you require after working out

3) Peanut Butter and Graham Crackers
These are a helpful, solid nibble for you to pack with you when you work out You will get a lot of sound fats, carbs, and protein with only two tablespoons of nutty spread and four crackers.

4) Yogurt
This is extraordinary compared to other nourishments to eat after an exercise! A bit of yogurt will furnish you with calcium and other advantageous vitamins and minerals. It likewise contains great measures of carbs, protein, and fat that will reenergize you Yogurt likewise contains probiotics, which are the useful microscopic organisms that battle against diseases.

5) Fresh Fruit
Any kind of crisp natural product is great as a post-exercise nibble. They contain a not too bad measure of supplements to recharge your body. You can match natural product alongside a protein-rich nibble for additional supplements.

6) Hummus and Pita
This is a great carb/protein mix. Hummus gives you both carbs and protein. An entire wheat pita contains a lot of vitality rich starches that will keep you stimulated for quite a long time.

In the event that you didn’t know what the best sustenances to eat after an exercise are… presently you know and can attempt them all! They would all be able to be exchanged around with other sound nourishments in the event that you don’t lean toward a thing. Make sure to dependably drink a lot of water alongside your tidbit to feel much more empowered. Without vitality and water after an exercise, your body won’t have the capacity to work legitimately. For more information visit http://www.bestpingpongtables.review/



In addition to Corazon y Miel we also run a full service catering company.

We work with events of all sizes including private parties, weddings, film shoots etc.

For catering information please email corazonymiel@gmail.com or call the restaurant at (323)560-1776




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On Monday December 8th 2014 Corazon y Miel will be hosting a collaboration dinner party between our very own Head Chef/Owner Eddie Ruiz and Chef Wes Avila of the acclaimed Guerrilla Tacos.

These two celebrated chefs will be creating a one night only 6 COURSE “Taco Tasting” where they’ll be applying modern techniques, seasonal flavors, prized ingredients, & their own unique culinary flair to the most classic of Mexican dishes. This is an event not to forget!

A specially paired beer/cocktail menu will also be available that evening.

Tickets are $45 (+ $8 SERVICE CHARGE & $4.77 TAX)



Sunday Feb. 9th to Wednesday Feb. 12th the team at Corazon y Miel will be serving a pop-up menu of tailgate inspired shared plates. This will be going down for 4 nights only at IX-TAPA cantina in OLD TOWN PASADENA.

Reservations can be made by calling Corazon y Miel at 323-560-1776.

The menu will consist of large formate family style plates for 2 or more.


Pan con Chompipe – $20

2 pound salvadoran turkey leg sandwich

Chicken & Ribs $60 Large $32 Small

mary’s dry rubbed chicken drumsticks, adobo bbq, radish, sesame
farmhouse beef ribs

Roasted Pork Shoulder – $14 per lb
“duck gravy”, fennel and rasberry slaw

Grilled Branzino – $60 Large $32.5 Small
casava, sautéd agrodolce, black mole brown butter

Sea Bass, Shrimp and Octopus Ceviche $32 Large $18 Small
burnt peanut, chile de arbol

Birria – $38 Large $20 Small
onions three ways, gorditas

-Feijoada & Orange Marmalade – $26

-Grits, cocoa demi, sour peppers – $15

-Corn bread stuffing, spanish chorizo, apple – $15

-Mac & Cheese, grilled peppers, maiz- $15

-avocado & watercress salad, chive flowers, pork rinds $15


CYM Michelada – $8

Dos Equis Lager, House Sangrita (Spicy/Sour Tomato Blend)

Salva Rita – $10

Peleton de la Muerte Mezcal, Blood Orange Liqueur, Lime, Hibiscus Syrup

Paleta en Su Jugo – $10

Coconut Rum, Cocchi Americano, Lime, Mexican Popsicle

El Bombero – $12

Pierde Almas Mezcal, Dolin Rouge Vermouth, Michigan Tart Cherry Liqueur, Chocolate Bitters, Cinnamin Smoke